High-volume, Full-color Inserts for Newspapers & Direct Mail

GreenCross, Inc. specializes in producing printed inserts and single insert sheets for direct mail and newspaper applications. With full-color process printing, on our heat-set press, virtually any product can be printed, including newsletters, flyers, booklets, magazines, letterheads, forms, mailers, single insert sheets and more! With folding and gluing capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Our customers include newspapers, direct mailers, banks, country clubs, auto dealers, and home improvement specialists. Let us help lower your printing costs and get those jobs turned around more quickly!

The High-Volume Printing Blog

31 Aug

High-volume Printing for Newspaper & Direct Mail Inserts

GreenCross, Inc. has a long history of service to the commercial printing and newspaper insert printing business, matter of fact, it traces back to the early 1920′s. Today, third generation printer Mark Andrew is at the helm of GreenCross, Inc. Read More